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George Washington II: The Forging of a Nation

George Washington II: The Forging of a Nation Soundtrack (Bruce Broughton) - Carátula
Compositor: Bruce Broughton
Fecha de estreno: 07/04/2009 (Estreno de película: 1986)
Discográfica: Intrada Signature Editions
Tipo: Serie de TV/Telefilme
Compra: Intrada Records
Medio: CD
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Edición limitada: 1000 copias

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1. Main Title (1:33)
2. President Washington; Nefarious Schemes (3:44)
3. Martha & George (1:29)
4. Washington's Quandary (0:56)
5. Visiting Maria; Comforting Maria (1:43)
6. Temptation At The Door (1:53)
7. Reconsidering; Treasury Emergency (2:51)
8. The Whorechild Responds; A Brilliant Defense (1:49)
9. Breathless Whispers (1:10)
10. Drag Washington Out; Staring Them Down (5:10)
11. The Plague; Canary Wine (3:12)
12. Freedom Agreement; Jefferson Quits; Whiskey Justice (3:20)
13. Whiskey Madness (0:58)
14. Betsy's Worries; To The Campaign (2:21)
15. Rebels In The Woods!; A Serious Business (1:47)
16. No War, No Stick Around; Another Traitor? (1:39)
17. Washington's Burden; Randolph Accused (2:22)
18. You Have Betrayed Me! (0:42)
19. Hustling George (1:57)
20. The Farewell Speech (0:52)
21. A New Life; First In The Hearts; End Credits (5:42)

Bonus Tracks (String Chamber Music Composed & Adapted by Bruce Broughton)
22. The President's March; Martha's Minuet (1:42)
23. Parlor Dance (1:22)
24. George's Gavotte (2:16)
25. Theater Piece (Based on ''Chester'') (2:42)

Duración Total: 55 minutos
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World premiere of original soundtrack to second chapter of lengthy mini-series, directed on location by William H. Graham, with Barry Bostwick reprising role of America's first president. (Laurence Rosenthal scores Part I.) Bruce Broughton writes in signature Americana mold, adds degree of period flavor via proud, patriotic main theme, then balances with rich, warm music reflecting new responsibilities in office, dramatic events following Revolutionary War period of U.S. history. Through courtesy of MGM, Intrada presents entire CD in stereo from composer's own 1/4' two-track tapes (multi-track master elements have long since vanished), includes handful of period chamber music pieces written by Broughton plus charming setting of familiar 'Chester' melody. Bruce Broughton conducts. Intrada Signature Edition limited to 1000 copies!
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