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Glory & Honor

Glory & Honor Soundtrack (Bruce Broughton) - Carátula
Compositor: Bruce Broughton
Fecha de estreno: 25/10/2010 (Estreno de película: 1998)
Discográfica: Intrada Signature Editions
Tipo: Serie de TV/Telefilme
Compra: Intrada Records
Medio: CD
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The Album
1. Main Title (2:53)
2. Ship Away (1:40)
3. Jo's Pregnant (1:31)
4. Skiing Lessons (1:37)
5. Matt's Invitation (0:39)
6. Us Mere Mortals (2:38)
7. Verhoeff's Fall (1:54)
8. Montage Of Glory (3:07)
9. Ellesmere Island (0:55)
10. Trek To Fort Conger (2:53)
11. Matt Goes Alone (1:31)
12. Frostbite (1:10)
13. Pibluqtu (0:43)
14. Jo's Visit (4:13)
15. The Polar Sea (4:31)
16. Elixers Of Courage (3:03)
17. Matt Meets Lucy (1:29)
18. Matthew Courts Lucy (1:07)
19. Final Assault (1:01)
20. Farther Than Before (4:38)
21. The North Pole (5:06)
22. End Credits (2:50)

The Extras
23. Island Or Highway (0:29)
24. Snow Games (1:01)
25. Bumper No. 1A (0:07)
26. Bumper No. 2 (0:07)
27. Bumper No. 3 (0:07)
28. Bumper No. 4 (0:12)
29. Bumper No. 1 (0:12)

Duración Total: 53 minutos
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World premiere of impressive Bruce Broughton soundtrack to Turner made for TV film, directed by Kevin Hooks, starring Delroy Lindo, dramatizing heroic contribution of Peary's African American valet Matthew Henson as co-discoverer of North Pole. Broughton creates large-scale work for orchestra with expressive, noble main theme to underline heroism plus imposing, angular ideas to convey ice-covered terrain, freezing temperatures. Entire score carries shades of Broughton's signature Americana vernacular as well. Intrada presents entire score from digital session masters, includes tiny bumpers, snippets in 'the extras' section for completists. Powerful music! Bruce Broughton conducts.
Tech Talk From The Producer…

Bruce Broughton wrote outstanding music for the television production Glory & Honor. So much so, his powerful score won the 1998 Emmy for “Outstanding Music Composition.” Intrada is proud to present the world premiere release of this rich and exciting soundtrack on CD for the first time, complete and in picture sequence from the original scoring session masters recorded digitally and mixed into two-track stereo by Armin Steiner. For digital purists, every step in the audio assembly of this album, from session recording through mixing editing and final mastering was performed in the digital domain.

After “The Album” portion of the CD we offer seven “Extras” that include a very brief scoring sequence, a short non-visual source cue composed by Broughton and all five of the “bumpers” he recorded for using as transitions and fanfares going into the numerous commercial breaks. Listeners wishing to program these “Extras” into the album can do so by placing “Island Or Highway” (track 23) after “Matt’s Invitation” (track 5) and “Snow Games” (track 24) after “Final Assault” (track 19). The five bumpers were used throughout the televised presentation, selected and repeated as necessary for each of the commercial breaks. These can be placed anywhere throughout the album that the listener so desires as they were not written for specific positions in the production. Musically speaking, however, they are probably best positioned after fortissimos, major key cadences or other climactic moments. The extras can also be played by themselves as a short “mini-suite”.

Sit back and enjoy Bruce Broughton composing and conducting music in his finest dramatic style with rich, Americana-tinged themes, exciting and evocative outdoor expedition sequences and finally some truly spectacular climactic flourishes for the North Pole. Mush!

—Bruce Botnick
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