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River of No Return / Niagara

River of No Return / Niagara Soundtrack (Leigh Harline, Cyril J. Mockridge, Lionel Newman) - Carátula
Compositor: Leigh Harline Cyril J. Mockridge Lionel Newman
Fecha de estreno: 25/01/2011 (Estreno de película: 1954)
Discográfica: Intrada Special Collection
Tipo: Película
Compra: Intrada
Medio: CD
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Edición limitada: 1000 copias

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River of No Return / Niagara Soundtrack (Leigh Harline, Cyril J. Mockridge, Lionel Newman) - Carátula River of No Return / Niagara Soundtrack (Leigh Harline, Cyril J. Mockridge, Lionel Newman) - Carátula

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River of No Return
1. “River Of No Return” (2:05)
2. Matt And Mark (2:14)
3. The Rapids (2:00)
4. The Indians (3:09)
5. The Meadow (2:38)
6. Dangerous River (4:25)
7. “River Of No Return” (Instrumental) (4:43)
8. The Deer (1:06)
9. The Struggle (2:05)
10. Exhaustion (2:42)
11. Rolling River (4:30)
12. Finale/”River Of No Return” (Reprise) (2:05)

13. Main Title (1:11)
14. Early Morning (2:25)
15. The Walk (0:32)
16. Rose And Patrick (0:54)
17. The Toy (1:51)
18. The Telephone Call (1:04)
19. The Photograph (2:47)
20. The Body (0:42)
21. The Murderer (1:09)
22. The Second Call (1:10)
23. The Bells (1:38)
24. Strangled (3:11)
25. Remorse (2:00)
26. The Elevator (0:55)
27. The Ruse (0:56)
28. The Innocent Girl (1:06)

The Extras (From Niagara)
29. Finale (Unused Original Version, Includes “Kiss”) (0:40)
30. “Kiss” (3:41)

Duración Total: 61 minutos
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World premiere release of two soundtracks for classic 20th Century-Fox films starring Marilyn Monroe /a>. RIVER OF NO RETURN is 1954 Otto Preminger river journey/adventure tale co-starring Robert Mitchum, Rory Calhoun. Rich, evocative score by veteran Fox composers Lionel Newman, Leigh Harline, Cyril J. Mockridge puts emphasis on action with raft rescues, Indian attacks, more. Presented in solid stereo from excellent condition master elements. Classic title song by Tennessee Ernie Ford appears as well. (Monroe vocals are controlled by another company and were not available for this CD.) NIAGARA is 1953 Henry Hathaway tale of murder set at famous falls, co-starring Joseph Cotten, Jean Peters. Sol Kaplan creates dark, lurid score for orchestra, emphasizing noir-ish climate. Presented in mono as recorded for film. Album produced by Nick Redman, informative liner notes by Julie Kirgo. Lionel Newman conducts. Intrada Special Collection release limited to 1000 copies!
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