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Shoot to Kill

Shoot to Kill Soundtrack (John Scott) - Carátula
Compositor: John Scott
Fecha de estreno: 27/06/2011 (Estreno de película: 1988)
Discográfica: Intrada Special Collection (9991804041461)
Tipo: Película
Compra: Intrada Records
Medio: CD
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Edición limitada: 2000 copias

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Shoot to Kill Soundtrack (John Scott) - Carátula Shoot to Kill Soundtrack (John Scott) - CD Trasero

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The Album
1. Main Title (3:30)
2. Kill My Wife Next (6:37)
3. Boat Chase (5:13)
4. The Road Block (1:33)
5. Bishop's Falls (1:01)
6. Happy Campers (1:55)
7. Blazing Saddle (1:46)
8. I Hate the Woods (0:46)
9. Behold the Gorge (0:42)
10. It's A Long Way Down No.1 (0:38)
11. It's A Long Way Down No.2 (Parts 1 & 2) (2:34)
12. Climbing Trek (2:50)
13. Not a Bear (0:29)
14. And the Killer Is (3:22)
15. Who's Jonathan (0:43)
16. The Bodies (3:23)
17. Say Your Name (2:22)
18. The Chimney (1:13)
19. The Storm (Part 1) (2:04)
20. The Storm (Part 2) (2:09)
21. Mr. Bear (1:03)
22. Sara's Best Shot (2:05)
23. Bingo (0:21)
24. Torching a Fence (2:06)
25. Let Her Go or Die (10:51)
26. End Titles (3:50)

The Extras
27. Kill My Wife Next [Original Version] (1:52)
28. Bishop's Falls [Original Version] (1:03)
29. It's a Long Way Down No.2 (Part 2) [Revised Version] (0:57)
30. Climbing Trek [Original Version] (3:02)
31. Roller Rink Source No.1 (2:33)
32. Roller Rink Source No.2 (1:59)

Duración Total: 76 minutos
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Powerhouse soundtrack from 1988 makes world premiere release at last! John Scott scores Roger Spottiswoode police thriller set outdoors in Pacific Northwest, released through Touchstone Pictures, with stars Sidney Poitier, Tom Berenger, Kirstie Alley in fight for survival against unknown killer while trekking through mountain terrain. Scott anchors with terrific, smouldering main theme heard in fragments throughout film, then finally allows tune to open up into powerful, memorable theme for final credits. In between are dynamic action cues, including thrilling, climactic 10-minute pursuit set piece. Other highlights: initial murder sequence ('Kill My Wife Next'), exciting 'Boat Chase', intense 'Mountain Trek'. Intrada proudly presents complete score (including several alternate takes) from newly mixed & mastered 32-track digital scoring session elements stored in mint condition in Walt Disney Studio vaults. Long requested by film music fans, pulsating score showcases ability of composer Scott to create strong theme, digress into suspense & action without losing sight of initial theme, then bring everything home in stirring fashion. Graphic design by Joe Sikoryak plus notes by Jeff Bond illuminating film production, scoring details add to handsome package. John Scott conducts. Intrada Special Collection release limited to 2000 copies!
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