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The Golden Child

The Golden Child Soundtrack (Various Artists, John Barry, Michel Colombier) - Carátula
Compositor: John Barry Michel Colombier
Artista: Various Artists
Fecha de estreno: 12/07/2011 (Estreno de película: 1986)
Discográfica: La-La Land Records (0826924118023)
Tipo: Película
Compra: La-La Land Records
Medio: CD
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Edición limitada: 5000 copias

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Music Composed and Conducted by John Barry
1. 1M1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 (The Child Is Taken) (5:55)
2. The Best Man in the World, Ann Wilson (3:21)
3. 2M1 (1:45)
4. 2M2 (2:11)
5. 3M1/2/3/4 (3:36)
6. 3M5/6A (Tin Can Man) (Includes “Puttin’ on the Ritz” composed by Irving Berlin) (0:53)
7. 3M7/4M0 (Follow That Bird) (2:54)
8. 4M1 (Best Man) (2:03)
9. 4M2 (0:58)
10. 5M2 (1:12)
11. 5M3 (1:51)
12. 5M4/6M0 (2:34)
13. 6M1 (Chandler’s Dream) (6:18)
14. 7M1 (0:50)
15. 7M2 (Love Theme) (2:21)
16. 7M3AR/C (0:35)
17. 7M4/8M0/1 (6:13)
18. 8M2 (2:32)
19. 9M1 (Bottomless Pit) (4:51)
20. 9M2R (Wisdom of the Ages) (3:50)
21. 10M2/3 (2:19)
22. 10M4 (Kee Nang Gets the Arrow) (2:58)
23. 11M1 (3:04)
24. 11M2/A/B/C/D/E/F (The Final Act) (10:23)
25. 12M1 (1:04)
Music Score by Michel Colombier
1. Sardo and the Child (5:27)
2. Blood in Oatmeal (1:47)
3. Child in Warehouse (1:21)
4. Astral Projection (1:57)
5. The Bikers (0:43)
6. We Sold Her (4:16)
7. Demons (1:58)
8. Kee’s Tied Up (0:34)
9. Dream Sequence—Last Part (1:19)
10. Kee Nang Offers Herself (0:47)
11. Child in Truck/Chandler Follows Bird (2:09)
12. Take It (0:24)
13. The Mountain (1:17)
14. The Corridor (2:14)
15. The Knife Retrieval (3:35)
16. Golden Love (3:47)
17. Malibu/Battle at Malibu House (4:47)
18. Looking for Sardo (3:07)
19. Confrontation (5:31)
20. Sardo Is Back (1:01)
21. Kee Nang Lives (0:49)
22. The Chosen One, Robbie Buchanan (3:55)
23. Love Goes On (Love Theme From The Golden Child), Ashford & Simpson (4:52)
Additional Music Composed and Conducted by John Barry
1. The Best Man in the World (Instrumental) (4M1R/2M2R) (3:39)
2. 2M1R (1:21)
3. 12M1R (1:04)
4. 2M4 (Source) (1:53)
5. Dance a Little Closer, Randy Edelman (4:19)

Additional Songs From the 1986 Soundtrack Album
6. Deeper Love, Meli’sa Morgan (4:25)
7. Shame on You, Martha Davis (4:14)
8. Body Talk, Ratt (3:47)
9. (Let Your Love Find) The Chosen One, Marlon Jackson (5:02)
Duración Total: 163 minutos
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La-La Land Records presents, in association with Paramount Pictures and Capitol Records, the premiere release of both John Barry’s unused score and Michel Colombier’s score to the 1986 Paramount Pictures action/adventure motion picture THE GOLDEN CHILD, starring Eddie Murphy, Charlotte Lewis, Charles Dance and directed by Michael Ritchie. Mr. Barry’s (FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE, BODY HEAT, A VIEW TO A KILL, DANCES WITH WOLVES) unused orchestral score is simply put, wondrous -- a powerful, majestic work brimming with action, suspense and romance that strongly recalls the recently departed composer’s 80s Bond period while still retaining its own robust identity. Composer Michel Colombier’s (RUTHLESS PEOPLE, THE MONEY PIT, AGAINST ALL ODDS) score, only a portion of which has been previously released, is finally given its proper due here as well, showcasing the composer’s knack for traditional action scoring blended with the era’s contemporary, synth-based pop sound. Produced by Lukas Kendall and mastered by Mike Matessino, this comprehensive 3-Disc collection of music contains additional unreleased Barry cues, including the unused song Dance A Little Closer performed by none other than Randy Edelman! Along with Barry’s “Best Man In The World,” performed by Ann Wilson of Heart fame, all songs featured on the original 1986 soundtrack album are presented here, including tracks from such artists as Ratt, Ashford & Simpson, Meli’sa Morgan and others. Film music writer Jon Burlingame takes you behind the film’s duo of scores in his exclusive liner notes. A must for film music fans, this limited edition release of 5000 units showcases the work of two brilliant composers who remain with us through the timelessness of their talent.
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