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The Egyptian
The deluxe edition

The Egyptian Soundtrack (Bernard Herrmann, Alfred Newman) - Carátula
Compositor: Bernard Herrmann Alfred Newman
Fecha de lanzamiento: 2011 (Estreno de película: 1954)
Discográfica: Varèse Sarabande Club (0030209112327)
Tipo: Película
Compra: Varèse Sarabande Records
Medio: CD
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The Egyptian Soundtrack (Bernard Herrmann, Alfred Newman) - Carátula The Egyptian Soundtrack (Bernard Herrmann, Alfred Newman) - CD Trasero

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1. Prelude (1:42)
2. The Ruins (0:52)
3. The Red Sea and Childhood (2:49)
4. The Nile And The Temple (1:12)
5. Crocodile Inn / Thebes (1:24)
6. Her Name Was Merit (1:11)
7. Death Of Pharaoh (0:58)
8. Chant For Dead Pharaoh (1:47)
9. The Chariot Ride / Pursuit (1:49)
10. Akhnaton (The One Deity) (1:41)
11. Put Them In Chains / The Throne Room (1:58)
12. The Throne Room Part 2 (1:57)
13. Taia (1:07)
14. Nubian Drums (1:52)
15. Party’s End (1:02)
16. Nefer Nefer Nefer (5:26)
17. Kaptah’s Dilemma / The Garden (3:54)
18. The Offering (2:16)
19. The Harp Player (0:45)
20. The Bracelet And The Helmet (1:25)
21. The Rebuke (3:24)
22. The Deed (2:06)
23. The Harp And Couch (1:16)
24. The Perfection Of Love (1:17)
25. Violence (2:15)
26. The House Of The Dead (1:24)
27. The Burial (1:26)
28. Valley Of The Kings (Sinuhe) (5:33)
29. Valley Of The Kings Part 2 (1:45)
1. The Homecoming (1:21)
2. Hymn To Aton (5:06)
3. Nefer’s Return (1:46)
4. Nefer’s Farewell (2:42)
5. Sights, Sounds And Smells (0:47)
6. You’ve Been In My Prayers / Kaptah (3:26)
7. Live For Our Son (1:46)
8. Am I Mad? (3:23)
9. The Princess (0:55)
10. The True Pharaoh (1:31)
11. The Tomb (2:36)
12. The Proof / The Holy War (1:34)
13. Danse Macabre (1:30)
14. The Death Of Merit (4:20)
15. The Death Potion (2:19)
16. Death Of Akhnaton (4:55)
17. I Am Pharaoh / Horemheb’s Victorious Entrance (1:38)
18. The New Pharaoh (0:46)
19. Exile And Death (1:39)
Duración Total: 101 minutos
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THE EGYPTIAN: The Deluxe Edition
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music Composed by Alfred Newman and Bernard Herrmann

Our celebration of Bernard Herrmann's 100th birthday (June 29) continues with one of the most important and unique assignments of his career. The 20th Century Fox costume epic The Egyptian (1954) not only gave Herrmann an exceptionally exotic canvas on which to work, it gave him a work partner — none other than the legendary, the great and powerful Alfred Newman. The Egyptian was first intended to be an original Alfred Newman score, but a schedule of merely five-and-a-half weeks — which included additional work needed on another picture — forced Newman to consider a co-composer. While it's almost impossible to imagine Bernard Herrmann agreeing to work with any other composer, the fact that it was Newman himself who needed help smoothed over any and all issues.

In 1990, Varèse Sarabande released a CD of the only score album that had ever represented this historic collaboration, but this was a studio recording done concurrently with the film's theatrical release. In 1998, conductor William T. Stromberg recorded a 71:00 album of music from The Egyptian with the Moscow Symphony Orchestra. In 2001, Film Score Monthly released a 72:00 CD of the music that had survived from the original film sessions. Now, finally, and for the very first time, we are thrilled to present the complete score from The Egyptian, adding more than 30:00 of previously-believed-lost music plus a selection of never -before-heard alternate cue variations. Taking advantage of both new mixing technologies and also a newly discovered source for the original music masters, we now have an Egyptian for the ages.

Jean Simmons, Victor Mature, Edmund Purdom, Gene Tierney and Bella Darvi starred in this story
of eighteenth-dynasty Egypt. Sinuhe, a poor orphan who becomes a brilliant physician, and his friend
Horemheb are appointed to the service of the new Pharoah. Sinuhe's personal triumphs and tragedies are played against the larger canvas of the turbulent events of the period. As Sinuhe is drawn into court intrigues, and bizarre secrets are revealed to him, he learns the answers to the questions he has sought since his birth.

A classic and historic release long believed impossible, The Egyptian The Deluxe Edition has arrived!
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