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The Awakening

The Awakening Soundtrack (Daniel Pemberton) - Carátula
Compositor: Daniel Pemberton
Fecha de estreno: 08/11/2011
Discográfica: MovieScore Media
Screamworks Records (0700261342733)
Tipo: Película
Compra: MovieScore Media
Escuchar: iTunes MP3 MP3 MP3 MP3
Medio: CD, Descarga
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Edición limitada: 1000 copias

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1. Seeing Through Ghosts (Theme from The Awakening) (1:46)
2. The Séance (2:07)
3. Oh, Coccinelle/Deep Breaths (2:22)
4. High Over Cumbria (0:56)
5. Empty Classrooms (2:15)
6. Florence Cathcart (1:55)
7. Arrival at Rookford (1:18)
8. Semper Veritas (1:32)
9. Preparations (1:49)
10. Chasing Footprints (3:22)
11. Lock the House (1:26)
12. The Hallway (1:04)
13. Scars (1:07)
14. There Is Nothing (0:58)
15. Don't Go Away (1:00)
16. The Dollshouse (2:31)
17. No Walls or Floors (1:43)
18. Damaged People (1:08)
19. Patience (3:08)
20. Florence Vanishing (1:29)
21. The East Bedroom (3:33)
22. Don't Tell Mom (2:39)
23. Chorus de Susticatio (Chorus from The Awakening) (1:57)
24. A Death Remembered (1:18)
25. Be Still My Soul (4:16)
26. Florence Is Free (2:57)
27. The Awakening (Credits from The Awakening) (3:20)
28. Reprise (Theme from The Awakening) (2:31)

Duración Total: 57 minutos
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“Murphy hooks the audience from the get-go with Edward Grau’s lush cinematography and Daniel Pemberton’s beautifully melancholy score.” –

Starring Rebecca Hall and Dominic West and opening in UK theatres on November 11, Nick Murphy’s supernatural thriller The Awakening created a lot of buzz during the Toronto Film Festival where Studiocanal sold the US distribution rights to Cohen Media Group for “a seven-figure sum” according to Variety. The film takes place in 1921 England and is a ghost story where the storytelling and visuals is beautifully underlined by a large, gothic orchestral score composed by Daniel Pemberton, who won the 2010 Ivor Novello Award for Best Television Soundtrack Desperate Romantics. Dark orchestral sonorities, haunting vocals and elements of almost operatic choir writing form the backbone of the this thorouoghly elegant and engaging score. Particularly memorable is The Awakening Theme” which is used throughout the score, an instantly memorable arpeggio motif that has the same effective ‘hook’ as many of the most famous horror scores in the history of film music.

First edition of the CD is limited to 1000 copies.

SWR11008 • THE AWAKENING (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by DANIEL PEMBERTON
Release date (CD only): November 15, 2011
Soundtracks de la colección: Limited Editions

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