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The Core

The Core Soundtrack (Christopher Young) - Carátula
Compositor: Christopher Young
Fecha de estreno: 31/10/2011 (Estreno de película: 2003)
Discográfica: Intrada Special Collection
Tipo: Película
Compra: Intrada Records
Medio: CD
Miembros (9.33/10) (6 votos)
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1. The Core (3:00)
2. Resurrection In Descent (6:04)
3. In Drucke Ick Moet Sterven (5:14)
4. Origami Lava (7:10)
5. A Terror Toccata (3:04)
6. Tactile Shifts (5:56)
7. Project Destiny (5:39)
8. Moved To The Core (2:08)
9. Virgil T. (3:37)
10. Mantle Passage (4:35)
11. Cor Cordium (4:52)
1. Liberte (3:23)
2. Diamonds Are Forever (3:17)
3. Saknusemm (7:16)
4. Intered Servants (4:24)
5. Mundus Subterraneous (4:25)
6. No Left Turns (5:07)
7. Unobtanium (6:26)
8. Clouds Imagined (4:44)
9. Stellar Phrenology (4:12)
10. The Terranaut March (5:42)
Duración Total: 100 minutos
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2-CD world premiere presentation of lengthy 100-minute score by Christopher Young from exciting Jon Amiel throwback to wild sci-fi/disaster thrillers of yesteryear with top-drawer cast: Aaron Eckhart, Hilary Swank, Delroy Lindo, many others. Young prepares 2-CD set with maximum listening pleasure in mind, creates lengthy tracks with considerable musical architecture. Result is arguably composer's most exciting, intense yet melodically-accesible large-scale work to date. Large orchestra, chorus create feeling of major disaster taking place, exciting attempts beneath earth's numerous layers to avoid impending catastrophe that may result. Massive cues, exciting cues, rousing cues... a veritable treasure-trove of powerful music for action score fans! Presented in dynamic stereo from digital session masters courtesy Paramount Pictures. Pete Anthony conducts
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