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The Wrong Box

The Wrong Box Soundtrack (John Barry) - Carátula
Compositor: John Barry
Fecha de estreno: 21/12/2011 (Estreno de película: 1966)
Discográfica: Intrada Special Collection (9991810014770)
Tipo: Película
Compra: Intrada Records
Medio: CD
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The Wrong Box Soundtrack (John Barry) - Carátula The Wrong Box Soundtrack (John Barry) - Carátula

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Original 1966 Soundtrack Album In Stereo
1. Main Title (2:46)
2. Montage of Deaths (2:08)
3. Yes, Who Is That? (1:32)
4. Strangler (3:15)
5. Responsible For Bringing Us Together (1:11)
6. God Save Us/Pedantic, Boring, Old (1:52)
7. Morris Visits Dr. Pratt (0:58)
8. Morris Hides As He Sees Handcart (2:31)
9. Tontine Box Is Put On Hearse (1:39)
10. Only A Bird In A Gilded Cage (2:46)
11. Michael & Julia On Hearse (1:48)
12. Hackett Funeral And Fight (3:51)
13. Bournemouth Strangler (2:26)

Previously Unreleased Music In Mono
14. Suite No. 1 (10:17)
15. Suite No. 2 (11:28)

Two Takes From Three-Track Stereo Session Master
16. 1M1 T8 "Main Title" (2:59)
17. 1M2 T2 "Montage Of Deaths/Rhino Safari/I Believe You Are Too" (4:55)

Duración Total: 58 minutos
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World premiere release of complete John Barry score for top-drawer 1966 Bryan Forbes black comedy with incomparable cast: John Mills, Ralph Richardson, Michael Caine, Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Peter Sellers. Written during fertile period that includes THUNDERBALL, IPCRESS FILE, BORN FREE, QUILLER MEMORANDUM, Barry creates warm, lilting major-key waltz theme for Victorian England setting, then surrounds with variety of flavorful ideas both fun, dramatic. In latter portion of score, Barry introduces dizzying orchestral romp for wild hearse sequences. At time of release, Mainstream label issues 29-minute soundtrack album. In later years, stereo LP becomes arguably Barry's rarest, most-sought collector's item. Actual LP masters have long since vanished so this portion of Intrada CD is mastered from mint condition stereo copy of album. Fortunately, Sony vaults contained complete 1/4' session tapes in mono, allowing us to offer world premiere suites with some 20-minutes of never-before-released cues. Extra bonus from Mainstream vaults: one reel of original unedited 1/2' 3-track stereo session masters actually survives, allowing us to include two newly remixed cues. Amongst new musical highlights is both mono, stereo premiere of complete 'Montage Of Deaths' cue plus additional music for rousing 'Hackett Funeral' sequence. Delicious notes from Nick Redman plus both original artwork campaign, 1966 album cover complete fun package. John Barry conducts.
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