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Batman: The Animated Series

Batman: The Animated Series Soundtrack (Danny Elfman, Michael McCuistion, Lolita Ritmanis, Shirley Walker) - Carátula
Compositor: Danny Elfman Michael McCuistion Lolita Ritmanis Shirley Walker
Fecha de estreno: 16/12/2008
Discográfica: La-La Land Records (0826924108222)
Tipo: Serie de TV/Telefilme
Compra: La-La Land Records
Medio: CD
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Edición limitada: 5000 copias

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Disc One
1. Gotham City Overture (14:01)
2. Batman: The Animated Series - Main Title (Danny Elfman) (1:02)

On Leather Wings - Shirley Walker
3. Sub-Main Title/Batwing/Bat Attack (1:51)
4. Batman Drives To Gotham (1:00)
5. Batman Investigates/Batman Uses Infrared/Police Rush Building (1:48)
6. Batman Escapes/Batman Flies (1:48)
7. Bats/Evidence Goes Up In Smoke/The Formula/Dr Jekyll And Mr. Bat (3:01)
8. Gotham From the Air/Ride'Em Batman/Epilogue (2:16)

The Last Laugh - Shirley Walker
9. Sub-Main Title (1:35)
10. The Submarine/Joker Loots Gotham (2:35)
11. Alfred Loses It (0:58)
12. Bat Boat/Batman Catches The Big Fish/Batman Fights The Bad Guys (2:18)
13. Cliff-Hanger Under Water/Batman A.K.A Houdini (1:56)
14. Batman The Terminator (2:01)
15. Batman Vs. Joker/Batman Vs Joker Part 2 (3:47)

It's Never Too Late - Lolita Ritmanis
16. Sub-Main Title/Stromwell's Flashback (2:01)
17. Batman on Top of Church/Stromwell Arrives At Pete's/Thugs Exit (1:20)
18. Stromwell Confronts Thorn (1:15)
19. It's Party Time/Batman Carries Stromwell (0:48)
20. Stromwell Sees Joey (1:41)
21. Stromwell Tricks Batman/Thorn's Men Move In/Thorn Chases Stromwell (3:22)
22. Stromwell's Flashback #2 (1:45)
23. Batman Cracks Heads/Thorn Removed (1:20)

Pretty Poison - Shirley Walker/Lolita Ritmans/Michael McCuistion
24. Ground Breaking Ceremony/Penitentiary Time Lapses (1:11)
25. Batman Catches A Chopper/The Chopper Crashes/Rooftop Chase (1:58)
26. Batman Sneaks Around (1:09)
27. A Little Plant Muzak/The Carnivorous Plant (0:59)
28. Batman Vs. Poison Ivy/Poison Ivy In Prison (3:52)

Christmas with the Joker - Shirley Walker/Lolita Ritmans/Michael McCuistion
29. 14 Seconds Opening/Jingle Bells/The Joker Blasts Off (1:03)
30. Down the Mountain/Sidewalk Red Herring (0:51)
31. 'Pukey Christmas Music/Christmas With The Joker/Game Show Music (2:18)
32. The Train Crashes (1:19)
33. Observatory Cannon/Cannon Out Of Control/Robin Blows Up Cannon (1:11)
34. More Game Show Music/Drive To The Toy Company (1:39)
35. Nutcracker Suite Medley (1:24)
36. Pie In Batman's Face/Dangling Hostages Saved/Deck The Halls (1:40)
Disc Two
1. Batman: The Animated Series - Alternate Main Title (Shirley Walker) (1:09)

Two Face Part I - Shirley Walker
2. Harvey's Nightmare/Dent's Soap Box (2:24)
3. Batman Tracks Dent (2:07)
4. Split Personality/Harvey/Harv (4:21)

Two Face Part II - Shirley Walker
5. Part One Recap (0:33)
6. Sub-Main Title/The Heist (1:49)
7. Bruce Wayne's Nightmare/Two-Face Remembers (2:47)
8. Batcycle/What About Grace (1:58)
9. My Name Is Two-Face (1:52)
10. The Great Equalizer/Where There's Love (4:03)

Joker's Favor - Shirley Walker
11. Sub-Main Title/Cussing Out The Joker/I Had A Bad Day (3:18)
12. Joker's Hide-Out (1:19)
13. Charlie's Neighborhood/Joker Finds Charlie (1:18)
14. Charlie Arrives In Gotham/Joker Collects His Favor (0:42)
15. Harley's Party Source (0:44)
16. Crashing The Party (1:33)
17. Batman Saves The Commissioner/Batman's After The Joker/Charlie Gets the Joker (3:38)

Vendetta - Michael McCuistion
18. Sub-Main Title/Conway Is Abducted (0:43)
19. A Clue/The Crocodile's Lair (1:27)
20. Another Clue (1:19)
21. Croc's Cave/Killer Croc (2:52)
22. Batman Chases Croc/Sewer Fight (2:54)
23. Bullock Gets The Croc (1:09)

Perchance to Dream - Shirley Walker
24. Sub-Main Title/The Dream Begins (0:52)
25. It's Impossible/Bruce Sees Batman/Bruce Watches Batman At Work (2:14)
26. My Life Is A Dream (2:48)
27. Climbing The Church Tower/Belltower Fight (2:45)
28. Your Own Private Wonderland/Back to Reality (2:48)

Birds of a Feather - Shirley Walker
29. Birds Of A Feather (1:54)
30. That Fine Roman Nose/Penguin Vs. Muggers (2:32)
31. Penguin Takes Veronica (0:40)
32. The Drop/Rubber Duckie Ride (1:50)
33. The Penguin's Opera/High Society (2:19)
34. Batman: The Animated Series - End Credit (Danny Elfman) (0:34)

Bonus Track
35. Music Of The Bat 101 (6:45)
Duración Total: 150 minutos
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Back by popular demand, La-La Land has re-issued its 2008 sold-out title for the legions of BTAS fans who missed out on this dynamite release's initial debut. This 'second edition' re-issue is virtually identical to the 2008 version, except the bonus tracks 'Gotham City Overture' and 'Music of the Bat' have been removed to preserve the integrity of the initial release

The thrilling orchestral music from the acclaimed Warner Bros. / D.C. Comics animated series BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES is unleashed again in this spellbinding 2CD Limited Edition pressing. Composer Shirley Walker (WILLARD, MEMOIRS OF AN INVISIBLE MAN, FINAL DESTINATION 1-3, THE FLASH), along with Lolita Ritmanis and Michael McCuistion (BATMAN BEYOND, TEEN TITANS), and Danny Elfman's iconic 'Batman Theme', revolutionized animated TV music with robust, full-blooded music that propelled BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES to lofty critical and artistic heights, enriching the The Dark Knight s legacy. CD booklet features in-depth liners, including comments from writer/producer Paul Dini and composers Lolita Ritmanis, Michael McCuistion and Danny Elfman. Limited Edition of 5000 Units.

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